“He really was an enchanting person. In some way he was like the spiritual father of everybody…. It is hard to imagine Central Park without Charles Kennedy.” Marie Winn, author of Red-tails in Love, and close friend of Charles, remembering him after his death in October 2004

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Good Season To Stop and Admire the Beauty

Getting ready to zip off to San Francisco, but thought I'd add one more gift received from a good New York friend, Regina Alvarez, who works for the Central Park Conservancy. Charles was on the Woodlands Advisory Board for the Conservancy (the umbrella group that manages all of Central Park), and Regina staffed the Board. I was delighted to have the chance to see Regina and her cousin, Fred, in NYC over Thanksgiving. Regina is a gifted and passionate horticulturist and manager, and she was part of some of the best adventures Charles and his friends had in the park, in daytime and at night. 

I asked Regina if she would provide a quote for the cover of the upcoming book about owls in Central Park. She graciously provided the following––

“I often think of Charles and talk about him at work. One of my favorite things about Charles was how he got me to slow down and look at the park.  As Woodland Manager, I am often very busy and I run around the park getting things done.  With Charles I would stop and admire the beauty of the park where I work everyday.”

Regina Alvarez
Director of Horticulture and Woodland Management, Central Park Conservancy

The deep chill and the short, dark days of December provide a dramatic backdrop against which we may experience the subtle beauties of the natural world in stark relief. Charles was nearly always in a state of rapt anticipation of the next bit of beauty, the next unexpected source of joy, the next dose of perfect photographic light––in all four seasons. But he and I agreed that late autumn and early winter were particularly sublime. So, stop, admire, and enjoy!

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